Sunday School at PRESS Napa Valley.  Exploring the new and exciting, the challenging outliers, and the fresh pressed juice from our friends - the VINTNERS of Napa Valley.  Learn from our FEATURED PRODUCER alongside sommeliers Amanda & Gillie once a month at PRESS.

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Sunday School is a once a month gathering of like-minded friends and colleagues to discuss one gospel...WINE.  As sommeliers at PRESS Restaurant we have found ourselves fortunate over the past few years to be part of what is now known as the "wine-makers water-cooler" of Napa Valley.  Nightly they gather; bringing with them their wines fresh from barrel to sample, stories from the winery, and anecdotes from their latest travels.  We see a different side of the story (a different story altogether really) and felt like it was time to share this experience with a few others.  So we've started Sunday School, a small, intimate, once a month gathering that will feature a different vintner as our "leader" with the cellar that houses the largest collection of Napa Valley wines in the world as our church.  We hope you'll find their stories as interesting as we have, and will join us on this new venture.


Gillie Dougherty & Amanda McCrossin


Brian McClintic, Master Sommelier & Viticole Wine Club Founder

SUNDAY March 3rd / 3:30-5pm at PRESS 



Holy Helen Turley! After we sold out our last event in just 8 hours, we decided we needed to re-configure some things!  You guys are awesome, but we only have so many pews.  Due to limited availability, SUNDAY SCHOOL tickets will be available FIRST to our EMAIL LIST who will have exclusive 2 hour access to tickets before they go on sale to the general public. Please SIGN UP BELOW to be notified when future SUNDAY SCHOOL events go on sale.  We do keep a waitlist via EVENTBRITE for events that have already gone on sale and have released tickets to that in the past - to get on the waitlist click "BUY TICKET" above.

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